Some of our featured skincare ingredients:
lavender Lavender is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory with a soothing aroma. It is particularly good for sensitive skin and eczema. We source organic Lavender herbs and essences.
Coconut High saturated fat content makes Coconut oil an effective moisturizer. It makes skin soft and smooth and can heal cracked/ chapped or dry skin. We use organic virgin Coconut oil to get the purest form of coconut for best skin health.
Calendula Calendula is extremely anti-inflammatory, moisturising and soothing for skin. It’s especially good for relief from eczema, itching and gentle for sensitive skin. We use organically grown Calendula for safe and gentle skin conditioning.
Avocado Our Avocado is bio-dynamic - developed by creating a balanced, socially responsible and sustainable ecosystem. It is further extracted without heat, additives or solvents to provide effective and powerful emollient benefits for skin.
Sweet Almond Nutrient rich with vitamins A, E and D, sweet Almond is a powerful moisturizer with skin toning properties that can protect skin from environmental pollutants. We use organically grown Almond.
Sunflower Anti-bacterial and high in antioxidants Sunflower is a fast absorbing skin moisturizer for babies, kids and adults. It protects skin and helps skin regenerate. We use locally sourced, organic Sunflower oil.
Chamomile Known for its high concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds, Chamomile brings soothing relief from contact dermatitis, eczema, skin irritation and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. We use organic Chamomile herbal infusions and essences.