About Us

environment friendly safe and natural products

What we bring

  • Safe and eco-friendly products with a stylishly green flair

What got us started?

  • More and more kids with eczema using the regular pharmacological brand of personal products
  • Health impact of chemicals in mainstream products
  • Environmental impact of petrochemical industry
Living healthy should not be difficult. We need to be responsible for the way we live. We need to be accountable for what we expose our loved ones and all other life on this planet to.

Our mission in 3 points

  • Sustainable and environment friendly: Raw materials are procured to support organic and sustainable permaculture farms
  • No harmful junk or synthetic garbage: All personal care products are manufactured with organic, wild crafted ingredients. Non-toxic chemicals, no parabens, artificial fragrances, no formaldehyde or anything in any way unnatural finding its way into your body through your skin
  • Local industry, farmers and artisans: Source raw materials to support fair trade and craft communities

A word from the founder

Hello! I’m Rivan. When my new baby niece began to suffer from eczema, I started to take a closer look at baby products and was disturbed by the junk and toxins in these products. I dug deeper into my own personal care products and found similarities that I was just not crazy about. So I decided to start a brand that has only the purest, nature-given and gentle ingredients. These not only prevent rashes, eczema and other irritating skin responses but are also safe for the environment. While I'm at it, I’m also adding other lifestyle products that are eco-friendly and human-friendly that I feel proud to share with you!
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